Your profile is an opportunity to share information and fun facts about yourself or to promote a business, organization or cause. Your username is automatically linked to your profile; each time you make a contribution — every answer or edit — your profile may be linked to from multiple places including:

  • On the question page
  • On the question's history page (permanent)
  • On the site-wide Recent Changes list
  • On the Recent Changes list(s) for the categories in which the question appears
  • On other users' Watchlists

The more active you are on, the more opportunity there will be for people to see your page.
Other links may appear on pages including:

  • Top 10 Answerers list in a category
  • Top 10 Editors list in a category
  • Top 10 Contributors of the Month
  • All-time Top 100 Contributors

To see how these kinds of links bring exposure from the rest of the World Wide Web, try a Google search for Toyota tech guy or RoyR.

Setting Up Your Profile:

When you're signed in, click the link to My Profile under My Pages on the menu on the left. From there, you can add information to your page by clicking Edit this page.

Customizing options include:

  • Add an avatar: You can add your own avatar by connecting your account with your Facebook social ID. You can do that on the My settings page, in the section under Connect your account.
  • Personalize the background color: choose from green, blue, orange, yellow or gray.
  • Edit your details: Let other contributors know where your experience comes from, including your past professions and hobbies.
  • Add links: If you include a full URL in the About me section, it will automatically link to the external page. Your profile is the best place to promote websites for your business, blog, or interests.

Privacy Issues:

Keep in mind that your Profile is a public area. It is not a good idea to include extremely personal or identifying information like:

  • Your full name
  • Your personal telephone number
  • Your address
  • The name or location of your workplace or school (unless you are using the space as a promotion)
  • Your social security number, passwords or any type of account numbers

If you have questions about editing your profile, send us a message at Support.