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Questions should be categorized in the most specific categories possible. When properly categorized, a question has a better chance of being answered by the people who have knowledge in that specific area of interest.

When you determine the top level category for a question, look at all the sub-categories and place the question in the most specific category. If you're unsure, place the question in the main category for the topic.

Step-by-step guidelines:

  1. Click on Edit categories in Question Tools in the Tools menu.
  2. Check the category or categories you wish to place the question into (up to three categories).
  3. [If applicable] Uncheck the category or categories in which the question does not belong.
  4. Click Save.



There are actually three methods for choosing categories. Use the Find Categories method to enter a category name; as you type, suggestions for categories are offered if available.

You can also use the pre-checked Suggested Categories that appear automatically. Note, there are questions for which automatic Suggested Categories will not appear.

Alternatively, use the Browse Categories method to view all available categories; if a category contains subcategories, it will be expandable on clicking it.

If the question text gets cut off at the top of the recategorization pop up, move the mouse over the question fragment and the rest of the question wording will appear.

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