Religion and Spirituality Topics Guidelines

The community is large and ever-growing, with contributors joining us from many regions of the world. While religion will always be a fertile ground for questions and study, our cultures differ, languages are varied and not everyone is of the same faith, nor do they share the same beliefs.

Therefore, we have designed these topic-specific guidelines for posting to Religion and Spirituality (R&S) topics. By posting here you agree to abide by these guidelines and work with us to keep the atmosphere friendly.


  • Avoid belligerent preaching or forcibly imposing your beliefs upon others. Put yourself in the reader's shoes and ask whether you are providing factual, useful information or trying to persuade. For instance, rather than making an unequivocal statement such as 'All adulterers will go to hell!' a better way might be to say, "According to the Bible, adultery is a sin and those who sin will go to hell."
  • For those questions that are based on subjective interpretation or supported solely by opinion, please use a header like "According to one view..." or "Here's what it says in Genesis...." This indicates to other contributors that your post is an opinion or perspective and should be left intact; so long it does not contain harmful, offensive or otherwise abusive content. It also invites additional viewpoints, also appropriately labelled. In contrast to many topics, where we strive for a single perfect answer, R&S answers often lend themselves to multiple answers listed together.
  • To clarify the statement above: Use citations whenever possible. Quoting a book, verse or commentator helps the reader investigate the issue further or confirm your reading. It also helps delineate between various perspectives by providing a source that can be listed alongside others.
  • While there are many holy books, and while most true believers accept the contents of their holy books as true and factual, contributors need to understand that what is accepted as "factual" by the adherents of one particular religion may not be accepted as "factual" by the adherents of another religion. Attempts to impose the "facts" of one religion upon the adherents of another may not only prove fruitless, but may be viewed as offensive as well.
  • Avoid theological debates in Q&As. Use the Discussion Pages for placing additional comments that are respectful and obscenity-free. Posts which attack a person will be edited to remove unnecessary personal remarks.
  • Posts that do not specifically answer or address questions will be subject to deletion.
  • Q&As that experience ongoing misuse or abuse will be 'protected' to prevent further vandalism.

In this open wiki environment, tolerance is vital. We ask that you respect the rights of others to their own religious beliefs, even when they seem offensive or false to you. Sometimes it is a very fine line, so please use your best judgment. When in doubt, send us a message at Support. > Wiki Answers > Help Center > Religion and Spirituality Topics Guidelines