Removing Answers

How can you remove a bad answer?:

Answers can be edited by anyone willing to share a few moments of their time. Simply click on an improve answer link.

Please immediately delete any vandalism or spam you see so that others don't have to see it.

If the answer is just badly-written, uninformed, or incomplete, please improve it.

If you don't agree with the answer — but you don't think it was intentionally written to mislead people — leave the opinion and add your own. Even better, try to combine them into one, complete, objective answer. For example, you might try wording the answer along these lines:

  • "There is a common misconception that ... However ... "
  • "Here is another opinion: ..."
  • "While some people believe this ... most everyone agrees that ..."
  • "There is an old urban legend that says ..."

If you need someone else to fix it, email us at Be sure to include the URL/address or the question, and what you want us to remove. > Wiki Answers > Help Center > Removing Answers