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Signing in is free and only takes a moment. There are several ways to create an account on

How to sign in: username

To create your own username, click on the Join Now link in the blue menu to the left. Choose a username and password, include a valid email address, and accept the Terms and Conditions.

Connect with your existing social ID

You can register with your existing Facebook ID.


When you connect with your social ID, you automatically get an enhanced profile page which includes your avatar and a link back to your profile on the other site. For example, if you connect via Facebook, your profile will look like this:


  • Register with your Facebook ID and use your real name to build your online reputation with your contributions. Use the Share button to post Q&As on your Facebook feed.
  • You can also connect a social ID to your existing username by going to My Settings, and choosing an ID under Connect your account. You can also disconnect accounts at any time.

Why sign in?

Once signed in, you can:

  • Get credit for your contributions.
    • Every contribution on is recorded. Even when other people add their own contributions to the same question, your contribution will always remain part of the question's history (under the History/Discussion tab).
  • Create your Profile.
    • You can share some background information about yourself on your Profile. If you run a business or participate in a club or organization this is a great way to promote it.
  • Get updates about new and modified answers.
    • You can click Follow question on any question in the Tools Menu. This adds the question to your Watchlist.
    • When someone answers the question or makes a change to the answer you'll be alerted. If you choose to enter an email address you'll be alerted by email. Otherwise a notice will just be included on your Watchlist.
  • Watch categories that interest you.
    • Are Chevy Corvettes your thing? Are you an insurance broker that can help with Boat Insurance questions? Maybe Genealogy is your hobby?
    • Click Follow category in the toolbox on any category page. When someone asks a new question or changes an answer you'll see it on your watchlist. If you choose to enter an email address, new questions will be emailed to you.
  • Customize.
    • Members can customize certain functions and features through the My Settings link.


  • In order to register on with your Facebook ID, you must click the relevant icon in the Sign in box. Entering your ID and password into the username/password fields will not work with those IDs.
  • If your account is a Facebook, you must always sign in to by clicking the ID icon in the Sign In box.
  • After the first time you sign in with your Facebook, the ID cannot be edited or altered on
  • Lost your password? If you are signing in with your username, you can recover a forgotten password by clicking Lost password? in the Sign in box. If you have forgotten your Facebook password, you will need to contact Facebook.