Splitting Alternates


Sometimes questions are merged into a primary question when they should not be. When that happens, the question (alternate) needs to be split out.

Example: If the main question is "What are some words you shout that begin with the letter K," then the alternate "Shout outs that begin with each letter of the alphabet" should be split.

If there are several alternates with similar wordings, they should be split and merged, making the one with the best wording the primary question.

Example: If the list of alternates included several questions relating to the letter Z instead of the letter K, then all of the Z questions would be split (together) into the same question.

It's also possible to split and merge alternate(s) into an already existing primary question.

Example: All of the Z questions would be moved into the existing question "What are some words you shout that begin with the letter Z?"

How to Split Alternates

  1. To get started, click the Edit Alternates link under Question Tools in the blue sidebar.
  2. Review the list of alternates. Place a check in the checkbox next to questions that do not ask the same thing as the primary question.
  3. Click the Split button at the top or bottom of the list of alternates.
  4. A yellow bar appears at the top of the page with the questions you have just split. You can edit these questions and/or recategorize them, one at a time.

Tip: If you are going to edit these questions, it may be easier to split them a few at a time.

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