The Supervisor Community

Currently, the community boasts a team of over 1,000 volunteer Supervisors, who help keep the site organized, cohesive and free from spam or vandalism. The following is a rundown of the many aspects of the Supervisors' world on

Supervisor selection:

Supervisor candidates are primarily selected based on nominations by current supervisors. In fact, each candidate must be approved by a committee of at least three existing supervisors. Prospective supervisors are evaluated based on a number of criteria that may include, but are not limited to:

  • Answer quality
  • Recategorization accuracy
  • Editing proficiency
  • Communication with fellow contributors
  • Time since registration

Each new Supervisor receives a number of help documents to assist them in using the new tools at their disposal. For new Supers, pairing with a Mentor is highly recommended.

Also, new Supervisors need to submit their contact information. This information is never sold to third parties.

Supervisor Guidelines:

Supervising is on a volunteer basis and is subject to our Community Guidelines and Community Etiquette. In addition, there is also a set of Supervisor Guidelines which must be reviewed by all new Supervisors upon joining the team.

Types of Supervisors:

There are four different types of Supervisors. Learn more by clicking the name of each type:

Alternatives to becoming a Supervisor:

The most important thing for all contributors is to have fun on the site! If you'd like to take on a more active role on, but don't feel like Supervising, there are many other community roles that might be a perfect fit.

For instance, you may be purely interested in answering, or editing, or you may want to take on special projects around the site. To learn more about these community roles, see Community Roles & Programs.

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