We Prepare Supervisors

We are here to take you to the next level of expertise on Answers.com with the use of new tools. The Initiates Program (TIP) is intended to prepare contributors for the role of Supervisor. Participants of this program create and edit content on the site as an ongoing activity.

Program Requirements

To enter the TIP Program, a participant will first answer 40 questions on the site in his or her area of interest or expertise. The answers should be complete, unique and well-researched. Their length is generally more than three sentences.

Once this introductory mission is complete, other missions are assigned in each of six categories. The number of missions will depend on the type of activity.

TIP participants will learn how to do the following tasks:

  1. Split alternates
  2. Recategorize
  3. Remove flags on Q&A after corrections
  4. Edit questions
  5. Edit answers
  6. Answer questions

1. Split alternates 500 task minimum

An alternate is a question that has been asked in a different way. This means that the question was asked with slightly different wording from the original. Many alternates have been incorrectly placed together. They are not, in fact, a simple rewording of the same question, but rather a different question, though perhaps related. This requires a split of the question. To accomplish this mission, 500 tasks must be completed.

2. Recategorization 200-500 task minimum

Many questions and answers on the site are either uncategorized or improperly categorized. Recategorization requires placing a question in its proper category and cross referencing the question, if necessary. This mission requires 200 contributions.

3. Remove flags on questions and answers200 task minimum

This mission requires the removal of flags on questions and answers after making appropriate edits. The reasons a question or answer is flagged include spelling or grammar errors, gibberish, a URL in the answer text, or inflammatory or bad language, among other issues. Missions require the removal of a flag on a question or answer in a category of choice.

4. Edit questions 150 task minimum

There are different types of problems with questions on the site. They include: incomplete questions, questions framed as statements, two questions in one, improper punctuation, and personal details and dates. Missions will focus on the clean-up of these types of problems.

5. Edit answers 100 task minimum

Just as it occurs with questions, there are also different types of problems with answers on the site. The problems are similar: inappropriate comments, excessive or incorrect punctuation, and incomplete phrases. Missions focus on correcting answers and the addition of information if they are too short or incomplete.

6. Answer questions 50 task minimum

A good answer takes time and requires proper grammar and spelling, as well as good content. Given the time it takes to improve an answer, fewer missions are required for this task.

TIP Graduates

To graduate from this program, a TIP participant must complete missions in each of the categories above and have a minimum of 1090 points accumulated on missions. As they move through the program, participants will receive a badge for each mission completed.

A TIP graduate also receives a badge and will be featured in the No Stupid Answers blog. All participant user names will be listed on the TIP home page.

Become a member of TIP!

The Program Coordinator for The Initiates Program is Zapallar.

For information about The Initiates Program, please contact zapallar @ WikiAnswers.com (no spaces).

To participate in TIP, you must be at least 15 years of age or older.

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