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Who was Frederick bailes?

  Dr. Frederick Bailes was born into a family of pioneers in New Zealand and was educated to be a medical missionary. Just as he was completing his training he was found t (MORE)

What is bail?

bail is when u have someone in jail.and u have someone else coming to get(bail) them out.all they are doing is paying money in order to get the person out of jail!!!   A (MORE)

What does to answer bail mean?

  ; What is bail?....Bail is money paid to the court to make sure you will appear at all required court appearances.  ; So when you are released on bail, you will be call (MORE)

If you are out on bail can you get bail on a new charge?

If you are already released on bail on one offense and then are arrested for committing another, you won't even be considered for the privilege of bail the second time around. (MORE)

Is Cinco de Mayo celebrated in Argentina?

It is not. Cinco de mayo is only celebrated nationally in the United States, mainly as a commercial holiday about Mexican heritage. The day actually refers to a the Battle of (MORE)

How can you get to Argentina?

You can't drive to Argentina. The Darien Gap in Panama is  impassible. Beyond that is Columbia which is very unsafe to drive.  Kidnappings and robberies are the norm. You ca (MORE)