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Is Bono Jewish?

No. Bono is not Jewish. He said in "U2 by U2" that his mothers maiden name was "Rankin" which might be Jewish. But his Mother was not Jewish. His mother was Irish protestant a (MORE)

How tall is Bono?

Answer   not very..   U2 Fan Reply   We don't call him The Sonic Leprechaun for nothing! Bono often lists his height as 5'7" but if you compare him to other peopl (MORE)

Who is Bono?

Bono is the lead singer for the band U2. He was born Paul David Hewson. He was given the nickname "Bono Vox of O'Connell Street" in school In the early 1970's, he helped f (MORE)

How do you spell pro bono?

That is the correct spelling of the Latin term "pro bono" meaning for the public good (literally "for good"), often implying unpaid or volunteer work.
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Does bono have children?

    Yes, Bono has four children:   Jordan Hewson, who is 20.   Memphis Eve Hewson, who is 18.   Elijah Bob Patricious Gucci Q Hewson, who is 10.   John Abr (MORE)

What does Escupimos en tus Alimentos mean?

"Escupimos en tus Alimentos" translates from Spanish as "Spit In Your Food", which is the name of a restaurant that Veronica Corningstone and some of her female counterparts a (MORE)

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How old is Sonny Bono?

Sonny Bono was born on February 16, 1935 and died on January 5, 1998. Sonny Bono would have been 62 years old at the time of death or 80 years old today.
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Q son los alimentos nutritivos?

Los alimentos nutritivos son aquellos que aportan a nuestro organismo los nutrientes, las vitaminas, las calorías y demás componentes que necesitamos para tener un óp (MORE)