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Como puedo ver mi cuenta?

ver mi cuenta No importa la cuenta, o sea una tienda o sea un banco, o aun la luz, siempre se puede pedirles al personal de la empresa el favor de verla. Probablemente no se (MORE)

What is DE Nada mi Vida?

It is another way of saying "you welcome" but in a more caring way. It is like saying, "it was nothing honey". Literally means, "for nothing my life". Nada=nothing; Vida=Life. (MORE)

What is de nada mi amigo?

It means 'You're welcome,my friend' If I was to translate it word by word then it would mean 'Of Nothing, my friend' but the you're welcome is it's true meaning :)
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What is the english definition of mobil de?

The english definition of mobil de means phone. There are many types of phone including a landline phone, typically used in offices or at home. Another type of phone is the ce (MORE)