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Como se hacen las croquetas de pollo?

Ingredientes:   1 Pechuga de pollo  1 Taza de harina  2 Cucharadas de mantequilla  1 huevo  2 Cucharadas de leche  100 grs. de jamon  Sal y pimienta   Preparacion: (MORE)

What is como son las alumnos en la clase de espanol?

Literally, "How are the students in the class of Spanish?" Simple right? Wrong. It's not asking after their general health and well being. It's asking, "What kind of students (MORE)

How do you translate como es la mejor profesor de tu escuela into English?

In order to be an intelligible Spanish sentence, the article (la) and its noun (profesor) have to agree, which, in your example, they don't. It has to be either la profesora, (MORE)