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What is an example of mis-en-place?

mise en place is simply a restaurant kitchen preparation/arrangement that includes having everything ready to use: ingredients (washed, chopped, steamed, etc.), spices (most c (MORE)

What is estas en mis pensamientos?

This is, literally, "You are in my thoughts." It can be used as a condolence, or if you are talking to a far away friend or relative that you haven't seen in a while... it's n (MORE)

Como puedo ver mi cuenta?

ver mi cuenta No importa la cuenta, o sea una tienda o sea un banco, o aun la luz, siempre se puede pedirles al personal de la empresa el favor de verla. Probablemente no se (MORE)

Como traducir en ingles 813.73?

"eight hundred and thirteen point seventy-three", o con mas formalidad "eight hundred and thirteen and seventy-three hundredths". La primera es mas común.
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