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How do you spell bogota?

That is the correct spelling of the proper noun Bogota (Bogotá), the capital of Colombia.
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In bogota Columbia what months does it snow?

It has never snowed in Bogota in recorded history, but it does hail a lot about one to three days each year. People confuse this with snow. However, there are reports of rea (MORE)

What is the elevation of Bogota?

The average elevation of Bogotá, Colombia is 2625 meters (8612  feet), making it the second or third highest capital in the world  (after La Paz, Bolivia and Quito, Ecuador (MORE)

Is it bogata or bogota?

Bogata is a small town or city in extreme northeastern Texas (pop. 1400). The capital of Colombia in South America is Bogotá (sometimes designated Bogotá, DC for Distrito (MORE)