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Is Banda a type of dance?

    no its not.     its a type of music but not dance.     Er actually it is a type of Dance music which does have its own specific movements. So I am no (MORE)

How many children hastings banda had?

We are a Malawians know that Dr Hastings Kamuzu Banda didnot have children, but there has been rumours around that he has children with his confidant Mama C Tamanda Kadzamira (MORE)

Paano gamitin ang instrumentong diwdiw-as?

A sundial is a device that measures time by the position of the Sun. In common designs such as the horizontal sundial, the sun casts a shadow from its style onto a surface mar (MORE)
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When was Banda MS made?

Made in 2003 in Mazatlan Sinaloa. They took their name from the initials of their hometown.

Why did the tsunami in banda aceh happen?

A earthquake beneath the sea happened right next to Banda Aceh, this triggered a Tsunami. Banda Aceh was next to it so it got hit the worst. The waves were up to 30 metres hig (MORE)
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What type of product is Banda?

A Banda is a type of photocopier. It is used to make duplicates to paper material, for example a company may use it to make copies of their company newsletter.
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Where are Banda Machos from originally?

The Banda Machos has been together for over 20 years and has recorded over 20 albums. Originally from Villa Corona in the state of Jalisco. They sing a combination of Banda (MORE)