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Que significa 'biotico'?

Diz-se biotico dos recursos que sao vivos e organicos como OS animais, as bacterias e as plantas. Diz-se abiotico dos recursos que sao inorganicos como a agua, a areia e o cas (MORE)

Que significa PS?

It means Post-script, which means that it is something added to the letter, note, etcetera, after the letter was finished.   Significa post-script, en español posdata. Es (MORE)

What is the difference between ser and estar?

They both mean "To Be"    "Ser" implies a permanent state of being.   Soy feliz (I am a happy person)    "Estar" Implies a temporary state of being.   "E (MORE)

What does 'estar' mean in spanish?

"Estar" means "to be", but it can also mean "to stay". It depends on the context. With the meaning "to be" it can often be confused with "ser" by non native speakers. While it (MORE)

What is a mnemonic device for ser and estar?

Use Doctor and Place SER Doctor (usage for ser) D escription (Ella es alta.) O ccupation (Soy profesor.) C haracteristic (El es antipático.) T ime / Date (Son las och (MORE)

What does vas a estar alli mean?

As a declarative sentence, it means, "You're going to be there [some other place removed from where you are]." As a question, it means, "Are you going to be there [some othe (MORE)