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What does Das Auto mean?

It's a tagline that means "The car" in German Its an abbreviation for 'Digital Automotive Space'.
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What is CIS market?

"CIS" means Common Wealth Of Independent States the countries that includes are Russia formerly Soviet Union, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Ukraine all others that are n (MORE)

What does Sono itadakimashita mean in English?

Itadakimashita is a formal expression of thanks when receiving something, such as a meal, particularly when placing yourself in a lower social or hierarchical position than th (MORE)
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Una tonnellata quanti kg sono?

In una tonnellata corrisponde a 1000 chilogrammi. Per convertire i Kg in tonnellate bisogna dividere per 1000. Invece per passare da tonnellate a Kg basta moltiplicare per 100 (MORE)

Where is alyssa milano?

Alyssa Milano is an actress that is well known for her role as  Samantha in Who's the Boss?. Today she lives in Los Angeles with  her husband and son. She is expecting a dau (MORE)
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Quanti MB ci sono in 1 GB?

In 1 gigabyte ci sono 1000 megabyte.   MB e GB Vi sono esattamente 1.024 Megabytes (MB) in un Gigabyte (GB) MB sta per Megabyte, da non confondere con Mb che sta per megab (MORE)
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15 mg a quanti ml corrisponde?

Ovviamente non si possono mettere a confronto le due misure, essendo il milligrammo una misura di peso, e il millilitro una misura di volume. Il confronto si può effettuare (MORE)