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Quien escribio el padre nuestro?

  Es la oración que enseña Jesús a sus discípulos; sabemos de ella gracias a los Evangelios de Lucas y Mateo en el Nuevo Testamento. (MORE)
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Agustín Iturbide was .?

  By: Julius Roan Eagle And edit my answere if you ask why it is more  then accurate and is also on odysseyware assignment-5 quiz 1    DEMOCRATIC REVOLUTIONS AND IDE (MORE)

What does quien esta mean?

Quien means who (spelled Quién [accent over the e] when in a question) Está is a specific form of "is" A question ¿Quién está? can mean "Who is here?" or "Who is ther (MORE)

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How do you answer quien eres and que eres?

The question asks, "Who are you and what are you?" You can begin to answer these questions by giving your name: "Me llamo_____________." (your name) Then you can give an occup (MORE)

How do you respond to quien es la muchacha?

¿Quién es la muchacha? means "Who is the girl" If you don't know who she is you respond "No sé" (I don't know) or "No la conozco" (I don't know her) If you know the gir (MORE)

What does Quien es mean in English?

This phrase means "Who is it?" Quién means 'who.' Es means 'is.'  The 'it' in the translation is implied.
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Quien es el conde lucanor?

El conde Lucanor es el protagonista de los cuentos de Don Juan Manuel en su obra más famoso Libro de los ejemplos del conde Lucanor y de Patronio. Escrito en el siglo XIV, el (MORE)

What were the accomplishments of Agustin de Iturbide?

As a member of the royalist army, Agustín de Iturbide was  instrumental in defending Valladolid from revolutionary forces.  Later, he defeated the revolutionary coalition (MORE)