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Where did the nickname Big Papi come from?

the name comes from Ortiz's arrival at fenway. He did not know anyone's name so he called everyone papi. So natuarally, everyone started calling him 'the big papi' which was s (MORE)

What is futbol rapido?

  Futbol Rapido is when you play in an indoor soccer field. There are lines but no corner kicks. Also, they play on a field that has no real grass. That's my definition of (MORE)

What does una regla mean in English?

Regla means ruler. If someone is ruling over the country, you would say, "el regla el pais." (literally, he rules the country) Depending on the context, it could also mean hav (MORE)

Tú muy bien al futbol?

Your sentence is missing a verb. If you are trying to say "you are good at football", then it would be ¨"Eres bien al fútbol." Maybe "Juegas al fútbol bien" might be better (MORE)
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What does the word 'papi' mean in English?

The word 'papi' in English means father or dad. Some times loved ones are also called 'papi,' depending on what culture you're from. It's usually used as a term of endearment (MORE)