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Buod ng si kesa at morito?

KESA AT MORITO... Si morito at si kesa ay matagal na mag kakilala at nag iibigan. sapagkat si kesa ay isang klaseng babae na talagang bagay na bagay kay morito dahil sa kan (MORE)

Why do you need to study short stories?

Short stories are written by professional authors. You can learn the following things by studying a short story, a book, or an article: How to write proper English sentencesH (MORE)

What is a short story?

A short story is a written work, but usually under 10,000 words. It has fewer characters than a complete story, and the plot is usually complete within a few pages. In additi (MORE)

Short story on health is wealth?

Rani was the eldest of the four children. Her mother's health was fainting with asthma. Following her mother's illness her father had gone in search of a job to another city, (MORE)

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Which stories are the oldest short stories from?

There are incidents in the Bible called Parables, which are in a sense Fiction, and may or may not have happened in real life- such as the Good Samaritan. if it was true, woul (MORE)

Story of si malakas at si maganda?

It was told that that in the beginning, there was no earth or man. There was only the Sky and the Sea. Both of equal prowess, they exist one above or below the other. The only (MORE)

What are the short stories of Douglas MacArthur?

Macarthur was a US Army General- while he did teach English at the Point ( West Point, USMA) he was not generally thought of ( no pun intended) as a writer. I am not aware of (MORE)

Example of short story?

The little girl walked down the road to the central park. She  arrived in dispair for no one was there so she sat on a swing and  sighed oh why then she wondord back home a (MORE)