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Sino si Gerardo Sicat?

isang ekonomista, ang pag_unlad ay ang pagbabagong mga intitusyong pangkabuhayan o hindi pangkabuhayan tulad ng pamahalaan,, lungsod, bansa pamamaraan ng pag iisip, hindi lama (MORE)

Sino si Adam smith?

Adam Smith is the father of modern capitalism. He is responsible for the popularity of the idea of the invisible hand, and the supply-and-demand-based economy. Adam Smith ang (MORE)

Sino si Charles Darwin?

Si Charles  Robert Darwin (Pebrero 12 1809-Abril 19 1882) ay isang naturalista Briton na  nagkamit ng pangmatagalang kasikatan bilang tagapagsimula ng teoriya ng  ebolus (MORE)

What is the contribution of Miguel Lopez De Legazpi?

Also known as El Adelantaeo and El Viejo, Miguel Lopez de  Legazpi was a Spanish navigator who crossed the Pacific Ocean from  New Spain in modern-day Mexico, and founded Ce (MORE)

Did miguel Lopez de legazpi expedition succeed?

Since none of the expedition after Magellan from Loaisa to Villalobos had succeeded in taking over the Philippines, King Charles I stopped sending colonizers to the Islands. H (MORE)