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What is 02?

O2 stands for molecular oxygen which is present in nature and is used by humans for respiration and is the by product of photosynthesis process.  
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What does bueno tengo clase mean?

The English translation for this Spanish phrase is ' Well, I have  class.' or understood to also mean 'Well. I have to go to class.'  Although the Spanish word 'Bueno' can b (MORE)

What does si tengo mean?

Si tengo could mean, "Yes, I have [it/them/some/etc.]" It could  mean, "If I have [it/them/some/etc.]"   Which of the two it is the appropriate one is determined by wheth (MORE)

What does tengo catorce anos mean?

Tengo catorce anos means I have fourteen anuses. Tengo catorce años means I am fourteen years old. The ~ over the n makes all the difference in the world.
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