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Without the wonderful, diverse and knowledgeable members of, we couldn't have one of the fastest-growing Q&A communities around! That includes our Contributors, Community Assistants, Supervisors and more. Learn more about the different types of community members below.

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A contributor supports their mission of to foster the exchange of information and grow collaborative Q&As into a permanent information resource. This includes asking and answering questions, improving existing answers and collaborating with others. Contributors have an opportunity to reach additional milestones for their ongoing participation. Special contributor levels include:
Bronze Contributor
500 Contributions
Silver Contributor
5,000 Contributions
Gold Contributor
25,000 Contributions
Platinum Contributor
100,000 Contributions
Double Platinum Contributor
200,000 Contributions
Ruby Contributor
500,000 Contributions
Trusted Contributor
A Trusted Contributor is a contributor who has proven themselves an asset to the community, and is given special permissions as a reward. Their activity goes beyond the regular asking and answering of questions, it includes improving existing answers and collaborating with others, as well as improving questions asked by others that are in need of spelling or grammar clean up.
Premier Answerer
Premier Answerers are dedicated contributors who spend the bulk of their time researching and answering questions. Typically, they are experts in a certain field or on a particular topic and possess the knowledge to answer complex or detailed questions. Often they are recommended by Supervisors for their outstanding and consistent posts.
Bug Catcher
Bug Catchers are our most active contributors in reporting bugs or irregularities in the behavior of the website. They help to keep the site running in tip-top shape, suggest new features and assist in testing new site functionality. Those with over 75 quality posts on the malfunction/bug forum receive a "Bug Catcher" badge.
Green Thumb
The Green Thumbs badge was previously given out to contributors who played an important role in writing category descriptions, which provide assistance to askers of new questions who are unsure where to categorize their question.
The Linguists Badge was previously awarded to some of our most multi-talented contributors. They had to make over 500 quality contributions to sites in at least two different languages. These included our English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Tagalog communities!
Special Project Assistant
Special Project Assistants perform tasks such as seeding new questions, recategorizing Q&As, cleaning up vandalism and spam and other critical daily activities that lend to a better overall user experience for all members of our community. They believe in giving for the greater good and are recognized by Supervisors for their time and effort.
Special Project Assistants Active Alumni
Special Project Assistants Active Alumni are SPA members who have graduated from the program and have become Supervisors, but still wish to complete missions as a Special Project Assistant. SPA Active Alumni can accomplish missions that require Super Powers in addition to regular missions, and may assist new SPA members in understanding their missions.
Community Assistant
Community Assistants, or CAs, help the community, including Supervisors, to be more efficient with the wiki aspects of Q&A (asking and answering questions, editing and so on). A CA performs the less exciting tasks, which in turn makes the time that others spend on more enjoyable and productive.
Category Supervisor
A Category Supervisor oversees one or more categories of interest. Often, those employed (or hobbyists) in a certain field will choose to supervise their category of expertise.
Floating Supervisor
While similar to the Category Supervisor, the Floating Supervisors are without the responsibilities of overseeing a certain area of the site. Floaters can be activity-specific (i.e. recategorization, question-editing, etc.) or non-specific.
Senior Supervisor
A Senior Supervisor — or 'seasoned' Supervisor — is responsible for a top-level category and working/coordinating with all Category Supervisors within that area.
The Initiates Program
The Initiates Program (TIP) is a program that prepares contributors to become Supervisors on the site. Participants of the program train through a series of six missions that use specific site tools. When a contributor successfully completes the missions, he or she is ready to graduate and enter the Supervisor community. Read more about "The Initiates Program" .
A Mentor is a highly-experienced Supervisor (typically Senior Supers), who provides support and guidance to newly promoted Supervisors; garnered from their own hands-on experiences working as a Supervisor within the community. Learn more about the Mentoring Program.
Senior Mentor Mentor Mentor Graduate
Vandal Patrol
The Vandal Patrol is a group of Supervisors who combat vandal attacks, aid in the maintenance of question alternates and improve the overall quality of the site. There are several kinds of Vandal Patrol individuals: Vandal Patrol Generalists, Site Guardians, Alternates Specialists, and Site Investigators. Learn more about Vandal Patrol tasks and positions.
Vandal Patrol Generalists Site Guardians Alternates Specialists Site Investigators
Senior Vandal Patrol Generalists Senior Site Guardians Senior Alternates Specialists Senior Site Investigators
Community Outreach
WikiGuides, or Community Outreach members, are folks who perform a number of activities geared toward fostering a positive community experience. They welcome new contributors, invite them to participate in special events, offer guidance, and help where they are needed. Learn more about the Community Outreach program.
WikiGuides Noble WikiGuide Royal WikiGuide Imperial WikiGuide Sovereign WikiGuide
Wiki Influential Teens
Wiki Influential Teens (WIT) exists to build the feeling of community among our teen contributors and empowers teens to assist in running the site through group projects. WIT helps teens embrace their leadership skills by teaching younger contributors how to correctly use and its features. Read more about the WIT program.
WIT Blue WIT Pink WIT Adult Advisor
WIT Explorer WIT Roadrunner WIT Trailblazer WIT Warrior
WikiReviewers are dedicated to increasing the quality of Q&As. Members clarify questions, correct spelling and grammar, balance answers, and do other tasks to make WikiAnswers an even better place to ask and answer questions. There are several divisions: Literary Editors, Copy Editors, Archive Researchers, Editors at Large, and Trendsetters. Learn more about the WikiReviewers Program.
Literary Editors Copy Editors Archive Researchers Trendsetter Editors at Large Copy Assistant