Do you wake up in the morning wondering if anyone's given you any trust points? Does your profile serve as a testament to your countless contributions?Well, then, YOU just might be a Wikiholic.
You know you're a Wikiholic if...
  • You'd have done a better job in school, had they given out badges instead of report cards.
  • You wish you could block people in real life.
  • Questions with the words "baby-daddy," "pick up truck" and "baseball bat" in the same sentence no longer surprise you.
  • Your friends and family try reaching you on your message board, rather than your cell phone.
  • You can offer way too much insight into a 16-year-old's love life.
  • You give your kids trust points for good behavior.
  • You know Miley Cyrus's favorite color, the cutest Jonas brother and Barack Obama's middle name off the top of your head.
  • You've thought about improving people's answers while having a conversation.
  • Little orange men have started to dance around in your dreams.
  • You have ever thought of a good question while out and wrote it on a scrap piece of paper so that you don't forget to add it to the site.
  • You've engineered a workaround of the company or school firewall to access your Watchlist at work.
  • You've ever changed the color settings on your computer so that WikiAnswers is easier on the eyes.
  • Your spouse claims to be a WikiWidow.
  • You skip a family reunion to hook up with your pals here on WikiAnswers.
  • You spend $60 on WikiAnswers gear at
  • You start having withdrawals from not receiving a 'You have a new message on WikiAnswers' email.
  • You dream about the category tree and ways to improve it.
  • You have created additional user names so that you can have multiple Watchlists.
  • Your co-workers greet you by saying "So what's new with WikiAnswers?"
  • You have ever had WikiAnswers running on two computers at the same time.
  • You caused the soup to burn, because you thought you might be able to sneak in one more question.
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