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Can a DVD player that supports DivX play an .avi file that was burned to CD?

YES. Just make sure the .AVI file you are playing used DIVX output video codec and MP3 output audio codec. Use SUPER by eRightSoft, its for FREE. You can read articles of SUPER through here: "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SUPER_(software)" If you are unsure of what type of codec has been used in e ( Full Answer )

How to burn DVD with avi file with subtitles as sub file and idx file for a MAC to play on a regular DVD player?

iDVD with iLife iDVD comes with iLife '11 and under. (This may be updated when they release a new one.) It comes with every new i/e Mac. If you have it, click "New Project" then drag your movie onto the "screen" and bam! you just created a menu! You can change the title of your menu item by doubl ( Full Answer )

What kind of file is avi?

.avi files are mainly video files. It can be played through Realplayer and also Apple Quicktime.

How do you burn an avi file to a DVD?

You use video converting software to make your AVI files DVD compatible, AVI codecs are used by the software to convert from AVI to DVD format.. For Mac users:. What you need is a Mac DVD Burner ,which can help you burn your AVi movies to DVD for watching them on DVD player.

Does the X-Box 360 play AVI Files?

YES! . I just try to play an avi file yesterday, "I copy the file on cdr and put it in my xbox. drive then try to play it .... then it says you need an update to play this file... then after this update I am able to play the avi files!

Can a DVD player play avi files?

most DVD players often plays DVD formats. But if the DVD player is supported by avi file reader then it could probably play

How are avi files opened in quicktime?

They aren't; AVI videos cannot be opened in QuickTime withoutadditional plugins. I would highly reccommend installing VLC andusing that instead of finding plugins for QuickTime.

How do you convert WMV files to AVI?

It can be done easily if you use FonePaw Video Converter Ultimate.Now, follow the steps below: . Google "FonePaw Video Converter Ultimate" and then download,install and run it on your computer. . Click "Add File" to load your WMV files to the program. . Click "profile" > "General Video". In th ( Full Answer )

What is an AVI file?

Audio Video Interleave (AVI) is a special case of Resource Interchange File Format (RIFF). AVI is defined by Microsoft. The .avi file format is the most common format for audio and video data on a computer. Audio content or video content that is compressed with a wide variety of codecs can be sto ( Full Answer )

Can you play AVI files on the Nintendo DS?

Now there is a new product name iPlayer can play AVI directly on the Nintendo DS without converting. It's the first hardware decode Video Player for the Nintendo DS. Not only AVI, but almost all video format, such as (AVI, RMBV, WMV,MPG,MOV,Divx etc) .. or more information, go to www.dsiplayer.com

Can a DVD player play an AVI file?

I'm afraid it can't. You may need a burning software to burn the avi file to DVD first, then you could play it on a DVD player. There is an expection though that some DVD players can play avi. files. I recommend you to buy a DVD player at wal-mart or something that can play avi. files directly. They ( Full Answer )

Can iTunes play avi files?

iTunes cannot natively play avi files, we had better convert avi toitunes more compatible mp4 or mov format the following is a step by step guide on how to convert and importavi to itunes for play avi in itunes, ipad, ipod, iphone at (linkmoved to related links) . iDealshare VideoGo is just the i ( Full Answer )

What are AVI and MOV files?

AVI and MOV files are video files. AVI stands for Audio Video Interleave. MOV is an apple format of a movie file.

What plays avi files?

AVI video files are the most popular video files out there. Any video player will play these including windows media player, VLC media player, PowerDVD, winamp etc.

Can you change mkv files to avi?

MKV means "matroska video", common AVl, VOB, MPEG, RM format actually belong to this type.To convert mkv to avi, there are many methods to do that.GOTSent is a 100% freeware to convert .If you are looking for a fast & effient way to convert MKV files, Daniusoft Video Converter is quite a good choice ( Full Answer )

How to convert avi files so that it can be played in stand alone DVD players?

DVD movie is encoded by MPEG2 standard. And your video will be converted into .IFO, .VOB,.BUP files. If you just wanna enjoy your video on DVD player, it's unnecessary to know details about this. There are tons of smart DVD burner can convert video files to DVD files and burn them onto blank DVD d ( Full Answer )

How do you make an avi file from a DVD?

If you wish to make an .avi file from a DVD, you can use a DVD Ripper application. There are several such applications to choose from. For a list of DVD Ripper applications and links, go here:. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DVD_ripper

How do you get a Mac to play an avi file?

To play an AVI file on a Mac use the free Perian plug-in (See links below) which adds many formats that can then be viewed with the QuickTime Player.

How do you make an avi file smaller?

Compression - It usually results in a loss of quality, but files can be made very small. Search google for AVI Compression. Alternatively you could package the file using a ZIP or RAR program.

How do you convert a vob file to avi?

I need to know how to get a program for mac that will copy certain scenes from a DVD or VOB file and convert it to a format supported by Quicktime, thus supported by imovie, so you can re- edit or take certain scenes out.

Can you hide a virus in an .avi file?

Yes you can hide a virus in a .avi file. It is done as a script that allows the video file to send u to a website that instantly loads malware and other virus llike programs.

How can you play avi files on your PC help?

.AVI or Audio Video Interleave is a video format designed by Microsoft and should be widely accepted in any version of windows media player, otherwise any free .avi player online will do the trick

How do you capture image from avi file?

I don't know of any, but u could try the reverse: Play the file with a program that doesn't protect it. U could also try opening the file with video editing software and snatch a frame that way.

What is the difference between an avi and an AVI file?

nothing, capitalisation doesn't matter in filenames. But there may be a difference in the codec with two different AVI files. . Capitalization does matter in the filename name extension. It dictates the codec used in the file! . For example (in layman's term) an .avi file contains the codec requir ( Full Answer )

Why has Philips DVD player stopped playing AVI files?

The AVi file (Xvid) is not indexed properly when it was created. You can use the utility MPGMODIFER (something like that, its a real small thing) to rewrite the file, without re-encoding, with an index. The easiest way i have found to just re-index (since there is not that option) is to turn the Bit ( Full Answer )

Which has a bigger file mkv or avi?

Both are container formats. The size of any file that uses them is determined by the length, resolution, and codecs that each video uses.

Why won't avi files play in windows media player?

AVI files may not work in Windows Media Player if the appropriate codec is not installed on your system. This does not mean you can't play the file in the player though... you simply have to convert it to a file name extension (format) compatible with media player: .avi, dvr-ms, .m1v, .mp2, .mp2v, ( Full Answer )

How many GB is an avi file?

You might as well have asked: How long is a piece of string? The size of the file depends on how long the video is and on the picture quality. It you are comparing the file size and just badly phrased the question then export your video using every format you can and compare the file sizes. Then us ( Full Answer )

How to convert Avi files on Mac?

1,Download one AVI converter for mac 2,Add AVI files by click "add files" button. 3,By click "Effect", "Trim", "Crop" or "Clips" to edit the output video settings. click the "Convert" button to start converting

Your windows media player will not play a AVI. file.?

windows media player is out dated,there now is a free open source media player called VLC its been around for a while and works way better then WMP. it will play any type of video,DVD,avi ect.. without any additional codecs and its free.

How can you convert the avi file back into digital camera so it will plays it?

Convert AVI video to your digital camera, you should make sure that the video format which can playable on your digital camera. Such as some camera support TS or MOV format for my digital camera. After U know your digital camera`s video format, convert it with Aimersoft video converter, it helps y ( Full Answer )

What portable player can play avi files?

That would be a Portable Video Player. I'm pretty sure the Sony PSP can, and there are probably some smart phones that can do it too.

How do you convert an avi file to quicktime?

Quicktime file name extension (format) is .mp4. To convert an .avi file to .mp4 is easy. All you need is a video converter, which are available for free online. Simply Google: free video converters and download one of your choice. Once you have a video converter downloaded and installed, follow ( Full Answer )

Who created the AVI file type?

The AVI (short for Audio Video Interleave) first saw the light of day in 1992, when it was released as part of the Video for Windows (VfW) project. AVI files have been used since 1992 for watching video clips and were there when the Internet became a major factor in everyone's life. Even though the ( Full Answer )

How do you compress an .avi video file?

If you mean compress and make smaller in order to send via e-mail, 7-Zip is a free utility that will compress any file. If you mean compress in its native state so it can fit on a single CD for example, Handbrake is a free utility that allows you to take an avi and convert it to an avi of a specifi ( Full Answer )

How do you play .avi files in Nokia E72?

Download "Any Video Converter" and convert your videos to MP4. You can then play the videos in the default player in Nokia E72. OR Download and install "Smart Movie Player" in your E72 and it will allow you to play .avi videos.

How do you convert ppt file to avi?

In PowerPoint 2010, you can now save your presentation as a Windows Media Video (.wmv) file. Then, convert wmv to avi by using free video converter.

Why won't windows movie maker play my avi file with picture?

Make sure your file is actually compatible with the program. AVI stands for Audio Video Interleave which is simply the 'packaging' the file is coded with. Since not all AVI's are created equal (not packaged the same way), some avi's can't be read by some media players. Windows Movie Maker is on ( Full Answer )

How do you play avi files in windows mobiles?

You have to sync the avi with your Windows Phone Zune software on your computer and it should play. If it doesn't play correctly try a video conversion software such as Freemake to convert it into a phone friendly form of avi. If you have a Windows Mobile phone then the converter is your best bet. I ( Full Answer )

How do you play Blu-ray ISO files on my Mac?

As for DVD ISO movies, you can use the Apple DVD player to playback. But Apple inc still make their computer not support the Blu-rays. So you need other tools to help you play Blu-ray ISO on Mac. As far as i know, the Macgo Blu-ray player allows the Mac player to play Blu-ray ISO on Mac direclty. ( Full Answer )

Is it important to convert files to AVIS?

AVI, as a widely used video format, to be exactly, a container format, can be found everywhere online and offline. Since AVI is one of the most widely used video formats period, it would be important to convert files to avi for playback on most of the media devices.

How do you add text to an avi file?

Put the .avi file in a video editing software like Moviemaker, Pinnacle or Magix. The procedure vary in every software.

How can you convert MOV file to AVI?

Generally, you can get many of freeware in converting videos out there such as Handbrake, ffmpeg, Format Factory, but keep in mind some of them may not output avi format like Handbrake, a nice free tool that can convert any video and output mp4 and mkv file format. Personally, i use AppGeeker Vide ( Full Answer )