Come si fa a costruire un circo per gli animali su marine park empire?

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Que pasa si un humano va a saturno?

Morirá. La atmósfera en Saturno no puede soportar vida humana. Más, consiste solamente de hidrógeno y helio y metano. No hay oxígeno, y los humanos no pueden sobrevivir sin oxígeno.

How do you feed the animals in the PC game marine park empire?

you hire zoo keepers or marine spesilists and give them the feeding task but somtimes they dont do it so you can assinen them to an exibet by placing a flag in the exibit naming the flag, clicking on the fence button on the zookeepers profile thing and click on the exibit.

Who was Fa Hien and why did he come to India?

fahien was a chinese buddhist monk who came to india during the year 399 A.D. He came to india to study buddhisim but later was interested in the country itself

When does the movie SIS come on TV?

Sunday May 3rd 2008, on spike channel. PLEASE Wach! I need as many viewers as I can get please wach S.I.S! It's at 2 in the morning on Sunday but, get up earkly and wach S.I.S!

What are some animals in a marine park?

Well most of the whales and dolphins and fish go into marnie parks to do shows, or they mostely there because they need to be protected from humans killing them.... Im not sure, but I know that they can do better to build some place where they can keep whales and dolphins in an better environment! ( Full Answer )

What are the disadvantages of marine parks?

they stop you from fishing there and businesses will lose money because not many fish or lose tourism because of the no fishing part. that is my opinion and if ur reading this thanx from mollstar

Come si prende il visto per gli Stati Uniti?

Grazie al c.d. Visa Waiver Program (Viaggio senza visto), i cittadini italiani non necessitano un visto per recarsi negli Stati Uniti per un periodo inferiore a 3 mesi. A partire dal 12 gennaio 2009 coloro i quali intendono recarsi negli Stati Uniti usufruendo del Visa Waiver Program, dovranno ( Full Answer )

What are the lyrics to Se Si Perde Un Amore?

Sola, voglio stare da solaper capire perchè iomuoio senza di teSera, maledetta la seraporta con il tuo mondotanta malinconiaSento il rumore del ventoche rimbomba nel vuotodel mio cuore bruciatoda un amore svanitoquando sei andato viaSe si perde un amorequell'amore che ti fa fareciò che non far ( Full Answer )

What does si miha eso es un pecao mean?

Yes, my daughter (term of endearment for any young girl) that is a sin. Or if you're puerto rican, "Yes, my daughter, that is a fish." lol

Care este diferenta dintre un MC si un Rapper?

1. M.C (Emcee) - Microphone Controller, Mic Checka', Music Creator, Move da' crowd ; -M.C-ul este artistul care isi creaza propria sa muzica originala din propriile surse deinspiratie precum si alte genuri muzicale-el vine cu propriile sale idei-isi cr ( Full Answer )

What is an aqua marine park?

well aqua means water and marine means sea sooo........ iht means a sea life park!!!!!!

What are you allowed to do in Marine National Park?

What you are allowed to do in a 'marine national park' depends on what country and state/province the park is in as the rules - and the actual names - vary a lot from place to place. In Australia the different types of parks or 'protected area' include: marine national parks, marine reserves, marin ( Full Answer )

How do you get un-banned from Webkinz park?

I am so sorry, but you can not get un-banned. Once you are banned, you are permanently banned. Sorry about that, fellow friend. I have some more advice for you. Why don't you get another account and try not to get banned again. I certainly wouldn't want to be banned! Sorry again, friend. Well, I hop ( Full Answer )

Can animalis talk?

yes, animals can talk. But only in their talk, dogs can talk to dogs cats can talk to cats, and so on.. when dogs bark, their talking, humans cant hear them because we dont have the same wave lengths that animals have.

How do you move the animals in Marine Park Empire?

Apparrently, hold down the ctrl button and left click on the animalto move them that is what other people have said, but it does notwork for me (As far as I had tried), but I hope it works for you!:)

What if you are sued and how no assets or job what is the out come?

There is a phrase that lawyers use for defendants like yourself: "Judgment proof." Its actually a bit misleading - it doesn't mean that they won't get a judgment against you, just that doing so is pointless because you have no money. In fact, the suit will go forward, because your lack of assets ( Full Answer )

How do you get visitors in marine park empire?

well if your not getting any visitors at all your zoo isnt open soyou have to click on information center, then click on management,and then zoo policies and and then somewhere on that screen itshould have a open zoo button. Hope i helped

Does Julie su come in sonic satam?

She is not in sonic adventure time. Yet she is considered one because she is not in any of the video games.

What is a si-un?

a si-un is small Asian child from the south ( the motherland) his hobbies include dance and touching he has a doubled chin and is working on a triple although he does have a particular odour he is not shy abiout it and will happily continue to touch people (kids) he is like an asian jimmy saval mixe ( Full Answer )

What actors and actresses appeared in Come si fa un Martini - 2001?

The cast of Come si fa un Martini - 2001 includes: Nicola Alcozer Sonia Bergamasco Flavio Bonacci Giulio Brogi as Albino Antonio Catania as Bruno Maria Consagra Branca de Camargo as Francesca Ennio Fantastichini as Paolo Ivano Marescotti as Lino Paolo Merloni as Cameriere Michel Rocher as Giulio Fab ( Full Answer )

What actors and actresses appeared in Consigli per gli acquisti - 1997?

The cast of Consigli per gli acquisti - 1997 includes: Pietro Biondi as Pierluigi Colombo Flavio Bonacci as Massimo Bertotti Cosimo Cinieri as Luigi Querciasecca Silvia Cohen as Vanda Crespi Cigogna Carlo Croccolo as Ciro Esposito Maurizio Crozza as Claudio Bondinelli Barbara Cupisti as Mary Cantucc ( Full Answer )

What actors and actresses appeared in Donna... cosa si fa per te - 1976?

The cast of Donna... cosa si fa per te - 1976 includes: Fiore Altoviti Umberto Amambrini as Cook Giovanni Attanasio as Romolo - the toll collector Renzo Bellini Roberto Bonanni Brunello Chiodetti Filippo De Gara as Count Mondino Altoviti Dino Emanuelli as Priest Maristella Greco Enzo Liberti as Man ( Full Answer )

What actors and actresses appeared in Lo sposo di Napoli. Appunti per un film su Achille Lauro - 2014?

The cast of Lo sposo di Napoli. Appunti per un film su Achille Lauro - 2014 includes: Abdon Alinovi as himself Raffaele Arnese as himself Carlo Cerciello as Voice Aldo De Francesco as himself Gerardo De Rosa as himself Giuseppe Del Barone as himself Antonio Fiorentino as himself Fabio Gentile as him ( Full Answer )