Fusibile lavavetro Mercedes clk dove si trova?

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How do you program a keyless Smartkey for a 2004 Mercedes CLK?

ONLY THE DEALER ACN PROGRAM THE SMART KEY .The electronic keys come from the vehicle prep center (DEPOT), not neccesarily from Germany. The used and available codes are kept in a data base by VIN #. A direct replacement wipes out its previous key and has to be ordered by reading the body computer, w ( Full Answer )

What size are the speakers in a 1999 Mercedes clk 320?

There are a set of 4"/10.16cm at the rear of the doors The front of the doors there are a set of 6.5"/16.51cm The rear shelf are a set of 6.5"/16.51cm but they are set in spacer rings with the hole being able to handle 7 or mabey 8"

Is Mercedes clk a good car?

We Have 2 CLK's the CLK 220 CDI Coupe AMG sports & the CLK 230 avantgarde Kompressor convertible. Both drive well and are comfortable. Both have been reliable and easy to drive. The coupe returns an average of 40mpg and the 230 around 30mpg. Tyres are expensive as low profiles. Fog lamps get damaged ( Full Answer )

Fuse diagram for Mercedes clk 500?

A fuse diagram, for your Mercedes-Benz, can be found on the insidecover of the fuse box. A fuse diagram can also be obtained frommost auto-parts stores.

Is there a haynes manual for Mercedes clk?

I have been onto Haynes for the same for my 1998 CLK, and they said that a manual is not available for the CLK as they did not sell enough of them.

Clk 320 Mercedes engine diagram?

You can get a CLK 320 Mercedes engine diagram from any Mercedesdealership. You can also purchase them at your local auto partsstore.

Locate the fog light fuse in a Mercedes clk 430?

open the drivers side door...... its right under the left part of the dashboard where it meets the door just pop it off and you will see all the fuses for the headlight driving lamps tails etc

Mercedes clk will not start?

Try putting gas in it : ) or if it was involved in a collision the fuel cut off switch may be set. also the electronic ignition switch is known for issues.

Where is reset button on clk Mercedes?

depends on the year if you have the trip computer on the dials display then its normally on the far left hand side of the instrument cluster just below 2 other buttons, up and down for the brightness of the cluster etc. mines a 2001 and is in this place...

What type of gasoline is used in a 2008 Mercedes CLK?

I used top octane in my 1998 E320 before gas prices got up to $4.00 - now I use the middle octane.. Mercedes recommends Premium fuel because of the way the engine is designed and the sensors. It runs much better on premium anyways. and if you cant afford the premium gas you have no business owning ( Full Answer )

What do the CLK letters mean on Mercedes models?

Mercedes Benz class model in German "Coupe Leicht Kurtz" . in English "Lightweight Coupe' Kurtz". Kurtz is a name. Or it stands a Short Light Coupe to be more exact. And Kompressor stands for Supercharger.

How do you change a crank position sensor on a Mercedes clk 430?

Well i can only tell you where its located and how to change it on a 2000 Mercedes Benz CLK430 I recently changed mine. The Crank Position Sensor is located under the hood on the Driver side their is a fat black wire that goes down into the crankshaft connecting into the sensor so first you have to ( Full Answer )

How do i jump start Mercedes clk 430 if i cant get to the battery?

I have a CLK 430 convertible and it is a pain. But you will find a positive post under the hood on the drivers side. There should be a plastic cover that flips up. You can jump the car from here or get enough juice to open the trunk by this method. If the trunk does not open turn the key in ignition ( Full Answer )

Does a Mercedes clk compressor have a supercharger?

Yes, kompressor is the German word for supercharger. A supercharger works by forced induction (compressed air) being supplied to the engine and is powered via an engine driven belt, a turbo works similar but is charged by exhaust gases

Where is petrol cap release on Mercedes clk?

there isn't one. it locks with the door locks. unlocks when doors are unlocked. doesn't pop open you do it by pushing in the door on the front side.

What would cause Mercedes CLK to stall?

what year is the CLK?. Most known reason for that car to stall would be the crank position sensor (CKP) its located on the left (drivers side) of the transmission bell housing, and can be accessed from the top.. The easiest way to tell if that sensor is bad, is if the engine stalled when it was ho ( Full Answer )

Mercedes Benz CLK will not shift out of park?

the shifter lock need to be lubed to override the shift lock press hard on the brake and move shift over to unlock and pull down this will override it but not fix it remove shift covers and lube shift lock and should be fine

How to open a conv top for a Mercedes clk 430 manually?

To open a convertible top for a Mercedes CLK 430 manually, open thetrunk. There is a switch located in the trunk if the driver'sswitch fails. The switch is located in the far reaches of the trunknext to where the top and the trunk meet.

How do you open the bonnet on a Mercedes CLK 430?

ther is a lever in the glove box By bonnet I'm thinking the cover over the engine. From an American, sitting in the drivers seat reach with left hand under the dash and pull the lever down and back towards you until you hear the hood (bonnet) release. Then going to the front locate the small black ( Full Answer )

How do you reset service indicator Mercedes clk 200?

This question is asked many times by Mercedes Benz owners. There are many examples given in online videos and in chat sites. The answer varies with the model and year of the car. The very best way to achieve this goal is to go to a Mercedes Benz dealer and ask them to do it.

How do you program a Mercedes clk 320 smart key?

Take your key to a Mercedes Benz dealership with proof of ownership of the vehicle (the Title or Registration papers) and a picture I.D. (showing who you are) preferably your driver's license. They won't work on the smart key unless they know that you are the owner of the vehicle and can prove you a ( Full Answer )