I record videos from my computer monitor using the motion picture setting on my digital camera When I playback videos I see waves and ripples across the video How can I prevent or reduce the waves?

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How do you download a video from a JVC digital camera to your computer?

Well, if you have a notebook, I just found this answer myself. You would need to buy a Firewire cable (6pin to 4 pin)that could connect both in your cam and your mac. Connec

What is video playback?

In film and television production... when a character does anything involving a screen, (flips on news, surfs the internet, plays a video game) It is the video playback person

How do you download videos from your Nikon digital camera to your computer?

Well, I have a Nikon Coolpix s202, so I don`t know about everyone, but for me I have a connecter cord and first (when the camera is off!!!) I plug the small end into the camer

How do you record video with Nikon CoolPix 5700 digital camera?

first you have to turn the round thing on top of the camera and make it to a video picture then you will find in the screen like a red point and next to it you will find how m

How do you load pictures from video camera to your computer?

is your camera Digital if its from 1998 or older it is probly a hi 8 you can buy a rca to usb i recomend firewire connection for anything video unless its just old videos of t

How do you get a video from your video camera to a computer?

You have to have a USB cable and in some cases a disc must me installed to the computer . And if you have the format problem, simply use a video converter to change the forma

Are digital video cameras easy to use?

Digital video cameras like most things can be easy depending on the user and model. Some people already have the knowledge as others need to read instructions.