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I am a professional patient educator/advocate and community leader working within the fields of Migraine and headache disorders and autoimmune diseases including lupus, Sjogren's syndrome, Raynaud's phenomenon and thyroid dysfunction as well as malabsorption and a movement disorder called dystonia. I am also an ambassador for the US Pain Foundation.

I am employed by one of the largest online health networks devoted to Migraine and headache disorders -

I work with some of the world's top researchers and specialists and attend national conferences and scientific meetings to be sure I stay current on the latest information which I enjoy passing along to patients. The team of writers I work with are the top specialists/advocates/educators in the world. I have also been personally involved in the formation of the American Headache Society's groundbreaking new patient group - The American Headache and Migraine Association and currently serve as its Chairman-Elect.

I capitalize the M in Migraine as an advocacy point.

Additionally, I am a volunteer medical first responder and am active in local Emergency Management Services including search and rescue teams where I am both a ground pounder as well as a member of the mounted equine search team.

In my past life I owned and operated the area's largest equine breeding facility for Arabian horses. Our farm was home to national champion riders, handlers and horses. We designed and launched an equine rescue project with the Keetoowah Indians in Oklahoma called "The Zeenafis Project". I was very active in animal rescue. Our farm created and supported a youth program in conjunction with local 4-H clubs. I taught two teams of hippology students and took two of the youngest hippology teams to Nationals in Louisville, Kentucky. I'm very proud that the majority of my students continued on to successful careers in equine science and human health fields.

My goal is to finish an enormous remodel on our home and become a foster family.

My gratitude to all those who have given me Trust Points - Thank you so much!
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