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What are some good family movies?

Please see Related Links for a list of Plugged In's Family Movie Nights. One section is for teens, and another is for children. The family movie nights have content reviews, d (MORE)

What are some good romantic chick flicks?

ok, there's: Dear John - with Amanda Seifreid and Channing Tatum Letters to Juliette The Notebook - all-time favourite! Marley & Me - tear jerker :( Pride & Prejuduc (MORE)

What are some easy ways to save money?

Food Use cloth napkins, reusable silverware, reusable cups, and reusable plates (Get rid of paper napkins, paper plates, and plastic silverware.)Use coupons and watch for (MORE)
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Why is Islam called the religion of peace when some Muslims clearly are not?

Because Islam, without all that 'Allah told me to!' bombing religious devotion, the religion itself does promote forgiveness and peace. _____________________________________ (MORE)
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Is Islam a religion of peace?

I can say anything.Actions speak louder than words. I can tell you Islam is a religion of peace, I can tell you Islam is a religion of hate, I can tell you 3 + 3 = 9. Research (MORE)