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How much does a kilo of cocaine weigh?

A kilo is a kilo. doesn't matter what substance you're talking about. please do not by cocaine. Cocaine is illegal you'll be arrested if you use it. I don't know but pleas (MORE)

When was the zero invented?

Zero was invented about 4500 years ago. The concept of zero was not invented, it was more accurately discovered. When it was discovered is difficult. Different cultures s (MORE)

How much did an average T-rex weigh?

A mature Tyrannosaurus Rex massed from 5 to 7 tonnes. Depends on the size and sex of the t-rex. Answer #2 Estimates vary but the range for an adult is between 4.5 (MORE)

When were women invented?

Most of the multi-celled Life forms on Earth are based on a binary - a male and a female design for procreation, breeding. As far as science is concerned, women were never "i (MORE)
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What are the characteristics of plasma?

Depends on which kind of plasma you're talking about, the one in physics or the one in blood. Plasma in physics occurs when a gas is heated to an extreme temperature... plasm (MORE)
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What is in plasma?

Depends on which plasma youre talking about. Plasma in physics: 1.Plasma does not contain anything, it is a unique form of matter and a type of energy produced from passing e (MORE)
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What does plasma do?

Depends on which plasma you're talking about. Plasma as in blood carries blood cells to and `fro in our body, this yellowish liquid making up more than half of our body suppl (MORE)
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Is milk cow sperm?

Not even close. Cows don't produce sperm, they have mammary glands which produce milk to feed their offspring, not to breed. Bulls are the animals that produce sperm, just li (MORE)
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What is the distance for 1 square kilometer?

Square kilometer is a unit of area. It doesn't have a set distance. Could be a square measuring 1x1 km. or 0.5 x 2 km. Or 0.1 x 10 km. Or whatever that calculates up to 1.
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