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When can you know if you are pregnant?

Usually after a week or two, the pregnancy results are really accurate. Unusual feeling of nausea often gives you a clue. The earliest you can take a pregnancy test is (MORE)

What would happen if a man got pregnant?

It really can't happen under anything resembling probable circumstances. A normal biological male doesn't have the body parts required to become pregnant.
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In the first olympic what kind of sports did they have?

The sports they had in the first Olympics was boating, chariot racing horse riding, and running. They also had the discus, the javelin, and wrestling. A running race once (MORE)
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Is anarchy an Olympic sport?

Anarchy isn't a sport at all. Maybe you're thinking about archery. Archery - shooting with bow and Arrow - is an Olympic sport.
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What would happen if automobile tyres had no treads on them?

On dry, firm roads, pretty much nothing. Treads are there to deal with water and soft surfaces. Modern treads are also designed to help avoid hydroplaning on very wet roadway, (MORE)