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What is a barspin?

A bar spin is when you do a wheelie/manual and spin the bars while the wheel is off the ground.
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What is a bike taxi?

Usually a delta trike with a two-seater sofa between the rear wheels. Mostly used downtown, as a taxi for fairly short journeys.
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What bike has most gear?

3x11, giving 33 different combinations, but NOT 33 usefully different gear ratios is the most that is commercially available. For custom builds, it's possible to push it a (MORE)

How many gears for a cruiser bike?

Cruisers are usually single-speeds, but can be fitted with either internal gear hubs or derailer gear hubs. Usually 3-5 speed IGHs or 6-7 speeds derailer gears.
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List the pros and cons of using steel titanium scandium and carbon in bike frames?

Steel: Cheap Easy to manufacture Quite forgiving WRT impact and handling damage The material properties, stiffness, springiness etc make it easy to build a proportional fr (MORE)