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Where do i find a vector map of the US with each state being a link?

There are shape files and KML files which have represent each US state as a Polygon or line segment. One such KML source is posted here. Many official data sources (many as sh (MORE)
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Did Iceland have an earthquake?

Iceland regularly has small earthquakes. There has been no significant earthquake reported for Iceland in last 30 days. You can list of earthquakes in Iceland during the last (MORE)

Why is it easy to use the latitude and longitude?

Latitude and longitude are similar to large cities having streets running in one direction (e.g., East-West) and avenues running parallel (e.g., North-South) such that if yo (MORE)
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Where is Fiji in relation to international date line?

The islands of Fiji are on both sides the Anti-meridian (-180 and +180 longitude) but the International Date Line (IDL) is bent to give uniform time (UTC+12) to all of the F (MORE)
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What is the international date line of Fiji?

The 180th meridian (also Antimeridian) crosses the islands of Fiji. The western part of Fiji is at +179.9 degrees longitude, and the eastern part spans -179.9 degrees longit (MORE)
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What is closer to the international date line Fiji or Samoa?

Typically the International Date Line follows the 180th meridian (also Antimeridian) from North to South pole but there are a few special cases such as Fiji and Samoa. Th (MORE)

How do you land a plane on Google Earth?

Google Earth desktop client (now called Google Earth Pro) has a flight simulator that you can take off and land. Google Earth supports two types of aircraft: F-16 (Viper) and (MORE)

What is a blurred image?

By definition an image is blurred if you cannot see things clearly due to a number of factors. For example, Google Earth and Google Maps imagery can be blurred when a g (MORE)

How can you view Google Earth in the year 2000?

Google Earth Desktop application has a Historical Imagery view to display imagery from previous years. Historical Imagery can be enabled in the View menu of Google Earth or Go (MORE)

Do you have to pay to download Google Earth?

Google Earth is a free download available from Google at the Google Earth site. Google Earth Pro is an enhanced version of the free product tailored towards the business (MORE)

What land did Moses flee to when he left Egypt?

Moses fled to the land of Midian which was in the northwest Arabian Peninsula. This account is found in the Bible in the book of Exodus. Exodus 2:15 When Pharaoh heard (MORE)

Is the world going to end?

People always come with predictions about when the world will end...but so far they have all been wrong. The world is not going to end anytime soon. A good example of t (MORE)