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Developer of GIS applications and advanced geospatial visualization including Google Earth and KML


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What was the cost of damage from the Japan earthquake in 2011?

The damage due to buildings and infrastructure in the March 2011 earthquake, tsunami, and resulting fires and explosions is estimated over $180 billion or 3 percent of Japan's (MORE)

Can you get a virus if you download Google Earth?

Not if you download from the official site (, but it might if you download it elsewhere. Downloading executable software such as Google Earth from non-offic (MORE)

Who piloted Apollo 11?

There were actually two pilots on board of Apollo 11, the command module pilot was Michael Collins, and Neil Armstrong was the commander of Apollo 11.
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How many people die in an earthquake each year?

The number of deaths due to earthquakes changes year by year. If earthquakes over a particular year hit major cities then the deal toll is usually much higher. For a 10-year p (MORE)
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What is the biggest shark in the whole wide world?

The biggest shark in the ocean today is the Whale shark (measuring over 40 feet in length) and the smallest is the dwarf lantern shark. The largest predatorial shark tod (MORE)