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How do you update Google earth version?

Normally Google Earth Pro auto-updates to the new version when it is available but if that feature is disabled or not working you can manually install the latest version. Visi (MORE)
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When did the 'largest earthquake in Japan's history' hit?

The 9.0 magnitude earthquake that occurred Friday, March 11, 2011, at 2:46:23 PM (Japan Standard Time) just off the coast of Japan. It was the largest earthquake to happen i (MORE)
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What was the strength of the Japan March 2011 earthquake?

The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) said the March 11, 2011 magnitude 9.0 earthquake (originally reported as 8.9) was the "biggest quake to hit Japan since record-keeping bega (MORE)
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What are the short term effects of the Japan earthquake 2011?

The immediate short term effect of the japan earthquake 2011 was the massive tsunami that occurred after a few minutes. The short term effects of the series of earthquak (MORE)
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What was the timeline of the disaster in Japan's earthquake?

Here is a timeline of events in Japan according to a news blog of a UK Guardian journalist (listed below) and other sources: Thursday March 10, 2011 Series of at leas (MORE)
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What cities did Japan's quake and tsunami hit?

Sendai (city in Tōhoku district) was hit hardest by the earthquake, but the tsunami affected many more areas. The largest number of deaths due to earthquakes and tsunam (MORE)

What does Gangnam style mean?

'Oppan Gangnam Style' translates to 'I have the Gangnam style'. PSY, the stage name of artist of both the song and the video, is referring himself in a third person as Op (MORE)

What Buildings can you enter inside on Google Earth?

In 2011, it was announced the Google Street View now takes you inside buildings. Starting with local businesses around 37 global cities--in the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, J (MORE)

Is Google Earth real-time?

The aerial, satellite, and StreetView imagery in Google Earth is not real-time (or live). In fact, the imagery is on average 1-3 years old. However, Google is making som (MORE)

Would a flight simulator work on an old PC?

X-Plane could possibly run on older PCs but wan't a decent video card. Review the system requirements for X-Plane here. You can download a free demo of X-Plane to see if it wo (MORE)

How did St. Paul meet Jesus?

Paul was on the road to Damascus to arrest Christians living there when Paul saw Jesus in a vision and was struck blind. Afterwards Paul did a complete reversal and preached (MORE)