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What options do I have for pickup trucks?

More than could possibly be given here. First you need to decide what you will be doing with it: light duty (quarter ton), standard duty (half ton), heavy duty (one ton), (MORE)

What is standalone software?

Standalone software is any software that can run alone, without the support of or needing to interact with other software. In the simplest case, software is either classif (MORE)

How much cholesterol does it take to get a heart attack?

Another complication is that the body needs cholesterol to build healthy nerves and to make several important hormones. There is also evidence that the "bad" cholesterol r (MORE)

Why do you use the computer?

work go after social simulation (e.g. electronics circuits, aerodynamics, atomic bombs, nuclear reactors)
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What was the earliest model of LASER and what was it called?

Because the initial work on "Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation" (ASER) had been done on microwaves and such a device was thus named the MASER, the earliest w (MORE)
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What tools are used now that where not used in the past?

Every tool had some point in time when it was first made and such tools had not been used before that. So it all depends on what you mean by "in the past", how long ago is th (MORE)

Are you responsible in Washington state if you have an event and someone else brings wine and someone has an accident and had too much alcohol in their blood?

In most states if an obviously intoxicated person continues to be served drinks and causes an automobile accident, the host/server/bartender that continued to serve drinks w (MORE)