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What things have been used for storing computer data?

In the early days of computers efficient, fast, and reliable mechanisms for storing data were basically unknown and mostly had to be invented from scratch. Ideally the me (MORE)

Why do optical fibers carry light?

Their construction from an inner core and outer shell with different refractive indexes causes any light attempting to escape to be refracted back into the core. Also the se (MORE)
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Is cocoa an Element Compound Mixture?

Cocoa is a very complex mixture of biological compounds (e.g. fats, alkaloids, proteins, carbohydrates, nucleic acids).
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How will you differentiate the diodes whether it is zener or an avalanche when you are given two diodes of rating 6.2V and 24V?

Silicon "zener diodes" with a zener voltage rating of 5.6V or higher operate mainly by avalanche breakdown, so both the 6.2V and 24V "zener diodes" are avalanche breakdown t (MORE)

When current through a zener diode increases by a factor of 2 by what factor does the voltage across the zener diode increase?

If the zener diode is in zener breakdown the voltage across the zener diode remains constant regardless of current (for the ideal zener diode). Real zener diodes have par (MORE)

What is the generic name given to the software used to control a computer?

Currently this is called an Operating System, but in the 1950s and early 1960s a simpler piece of software called a Batch Monitor was used on many computers.
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