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What happens in electric motors?

There are far too many types of electric motors to fully explain their operation on this site. Some of the different types of electric motors include the following categorie (MORE)

What would nuclear fallout be like?

Mostly very fine gritty dust that when it landed on your skin would burn it, even though it is cool. If you inhaled or swallowed it the dust would burn you on the inside. Cl (MORE)

Who invented the atomic bomb in Los Alamos?

Nobody, the basic invention of the neutron chain reaction which makes both atomic bombs and reactors possible was invented in 1933 by Leo Szilard while in London England. He (MORE)

Who invented the atomic bombs Fatman and Little Boy?

There was no single inventor of the Little Boy gun bomb method, as that method was an obvious means of assembling a supercritical mass. Seth Neddermeyer was the inventor (MORE)