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Are bears nice if you give them raw alive fish?

Do not feed bears! They have a significant problem telling where the food ends and you begin! Also they quickly learn where food has been offered and will return later, ofte (MORE)

What are the solutes in Coca-Cola?

Everything listed as its ingredients, except water (which is the solvent). Note: carbonated water is the listed ingredient, but this is not the actual solvent but itself (MORE)

Do contacts cause floaters?

No, floaters are debris suspended in the semiliquid vitreous humor that fills the eyeball, helping maintain it spherical shape. Everyone has some floaters. Contacts have (MORE)

What is the theory of is an outgrowth of Alfred Wegener's theory of continental drift?

The problem with continental drift was no mechanism could be found by which the continents could drift through the solid rock of the ocean seafloor. In the 1950s the US N (MORE)

Was Abraham's wife Hagar black?

Jewish answer: Tradition states that Hagar, who was Egyptian (Genesis 16:1), was indeed dark-skinned, close to Black.
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Can you use whole eggs instead of just egg yolks in chocolate pudding?

Most chocolate pudding recipes I find are egg free. However a chocolate pudding that uses eggs yolks is essentially a chocolate custard. If you used whole eggs in a custar (MORE)
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Can cataracts turn brown eyes blue in humans?

No, eye color is determined by the properties of the iris. Cataracts develop inside the lens, which is behind the iris. In very bad cases of cataracts the pupil can look clo (MORE)