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Does Russia still have nuclear weapons today?

Actually Russia now has 500 to 1000 more nuclear weapons than the USA due to limits set in the START treaty and they are higher yield, based on the fact that their ICBMs are (MORE)

How do P-waves and S-waves differ?

P-waves are pressure (i.e. compression-rarefaction) waves similar to sound waves. Then material is moved forward-backward in the direction of wave propagation. They can pass (MORE)

What did the US test in 1945 at Bikini Atoll in the Marshall Islands?

Nothing. The first postwar nuclear tests were the two Operation Crossroads shots in the summer of 1946 in the lagoon of Bikini Atoll. They were copies of the Fatman bomb (MORE)

How long does it take to simulate a nuclear weapons test?

That will depend on many variables (e.g. type of computer, detail of simulation, period of simulated, complexity of weapon being tested). A few years ago I wrote a very s (MORE)
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How can you find out if someone left a Last Will and Testament and how do you find out what is in someone's Last Will and Testament after a person dies?

There is no single or reliable way to do this as some people do a Will themselves and the only copy is kept in their personal files (which often are not well organized or ge (MORE)

How long should I wait to have new girlfriend?

This cannot be determined, there is no fixed time. Things may happen instantly or take years. Part of it depends on you (which you can control to a degree), part of it depen (MORE)

What are the fractions equivalent to 1 half?

All fractions having the form n / (2 * n) where n is a nonzero integer are equivalent to the fraction 1/2. This can actually be generalized to the form x / (2 * x) where x (MORE)

Why is a lithium ion different than a lithium atom?

An ion of any element has a nonzero electric charge while the "normal" atoms of the same element have zero electric charge. Atoms become ions either by losing electrons or b (MORE)
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What is marble the rock?

Marble is a metamorphic rock which is a product of natural exposure deep underground to intense heat and pressure on limestone or dolostone, both sedimentary rocks. The miner (MORE)
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Why switches and electric sockets are made by using conductors?

They are made using both conductors and insulators: conductors where you do want the electricity to be able to flow and insulators where you want to prevent the electricity f (MORE)