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What do you do if the boy you like doesn't know my name and i'm shy?

It means that you need to get to know him even his name of course and he needs to know about you two. Face your fear and embrace your confidence. You need to breathe like take (MORE)

Why does your ex keep coming back to you While he has a girlfriend?

He is either showing you a sign that he moved on or he wants to make you jealous to hurt you. If you guys are staying friends and not away from each other then he wants to s (MORE)

Why does a man say he loves you andthen say he needs space?

Why does a man say he loves you and then say he needs space? It means that he is confused but guys can be weird at times. The can like you now but the next day they feel anoth (MORE)

How do you tell a boy i like him if he has no bffs?

I would say go for it if you can breathe and be really confident about it. But first, it depends if you know his interests, hobbies, and if you think he really likes you. You (MORE)

Can an ugly guy get a girl?

There is no such thing as an ugly guy there is always an inner and outer beauty. But if the guy made bad decisions, mistakes, or even bad manners then there is no inner beauty (MORE)

What does it mean if a guy says he likes you and hugs you and is all over you then the next day he does nt even interact with you and it becomes a pattern?

It can be because he is in a bad mood at times or even the next day. Guys can be weird and non-interactive at times. Guys can be not weird and sociable at times too. It can be (MORE)