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How many minutes is 0.05?

On a digital clock, 0.05 would probably represent 5 minutes after midnight 0.05 seconds is 0.008333 minutes 0.05 hours is 3 minutes 0.05 days is 72 minutes 0.05 w (MORE)

How is ultraviolet radiation different from visible light?

UV radiation has a shorter wavelength (10 nm to 400 nm) than visible light (~390-750 nm). Light is absorbed by matter based partly on how the wavelength corresponds to (MORE)

What vitamins are in prenatal vitamins?

Prenatal vitamins are a special type of multivitamins - containing pretty much the same vitamins and minerals as regular multivitamins but in differing amounts. Folic aci (MORE)
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Will a lion eat a rhinoceroses?

Generally an adult rhino is much more likely to kill a lion than for a lion to kill the rhino, but if it is a very young, unprotected juvenile or sick or already badly injur (MORE)

Which molecule is propyne?

Propyne is a linear hydrocarbon with 3 carbons and 4 hydrogens. Two of the carbons are triple bonded, the remaining carbon is single bonded to the middle carbon Startin (MORE)

IF fertilizers cause environmental damage and are expensive why do farmer use them?

They provide increased yield on the fields where they are used - more than enough to compensate for the cost of the fertilizer. The environmental damage occurs downstream fr (MORE)

What molecule is propene?

Propene is a linear hydrocarbon containing 3 carbons and 6 hydrogens. Two of the carbons are double bonded. Starting at the double-bonded end, you have two hydrogen atoms bo (MORE)

Is it true that the growing season is most of northern South America is all year long?

Since the equator passes through northern South America (through Peru, Ecuador, and Brazil) it should not be surprising that most of South America - all of northern South Am (MORE)

What computers can do better than humans?

perform calculations quickly - especially with large numbers or many, many calculations perform calculations with repeatable precision - people are much more prone to make er (MORE)

What is a car with substantial defects that has been unable to be fixed?

A car with substantial defects that have been unable to be fixed is classified as a "lemon". The federal government and many states have "lemon laws" that give consumers the (MORE)