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What would happen if the element Krypton disappeared from the earth?

If the element krypton disappeared from the Earth it would be hardly noticeable. Since Krypton makes up about 0.000114% of the atmosphere the atmosphere would decrease by (MORE)
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What is the tallest mountain in the Bahamas?

The highest point in the Bahamas is "Mount" Alvernia on Cat Island which rises to a height of 63 meters - about the height of moderately sized city office building. Compared (MORE)

What does white men think of black women?

The answer is as varied as people. I expect that for many men living in areas where there are no black women - Northern Scandinavia, Northern Minnesota, most of Montana, mos (MORE)

When did we discover earthquakes?

Maybe when Thag grunted across the cave at Thaggette - "Earth move for you?" and realized Thaggett was next door with Grog. == Earthquakes hardly need discovering; the s (MORE)
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Do bears eat mountain goats?

Bears eat anything and everything they are big enough to kill.
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How do you round the digit 35.71?

It depends on how precise you want to be. To round to the nearest tenth, you would observe that the digit n the thousands position is 1, which is closer to 0 than to 10 so (MORE)

What age is the legal age to leave home in the USA?

Legally leaving home before age 18 is called emancipation. Emancipated minors are free from any obligation to remain physically with their parents - but their parents no lo (MORE)

What is the legal age to leave home in the UK?

I believe you have to be 16 to leave home in the UK. At 16 you are no longer considered a dependent and can rightfully move away from home. If it is voluntary, in most ci (MORE)
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Why did England forbid engineers mechanics and toolmakers to leave England?

They wanted to maintain a monopoly on the products produced by these skilled workers. Lacking such skilled workers, the colonies could not produce the manufactured goods mad (MORE)
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Will a bear eat a moose?

yes - A full-grown moose has few enemies except Siberian tigers - which are often know to prey on adult Moose. Brown and black bears are much more likely to prey on a (MORE)