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Is MgBr2 a compound?

Yes it is a compound, a salt, formed from the elements Magnesium and Bromine called Magnesium bromide
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Why is the hard disk drive sealed in an airtight case?

This is to keep out dust. Because the head that reads the HDD floats on a micro cushion of air generated by it's aerodynamic properties. It uses this cushion in order to mini (MORE)
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Why is it difficult to observe Venus?

Venus (and Mercury) are closer to the Sun than Earth. This means that we can only safely observe these bodies when they are either side of the Sun which means that they appe (MORE)

Why does your Turkish boyfriend need a visa to visit you in England and what does he have to do to get one?

As with every sovereign country, the UK has immigration laws which apply to ALL foreign nationals wishing to enter the country. These laws will vary depending on the natio (MORE)
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Is lobster renewable or non renewable resource?

Lobsters are an animal. Properly conserved and managed, a lobster fishery is a renewable resource. However, over fishing will destroy the resource.
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