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Why does my right side of my neck hurt when i turn it?

The internet is not a good place for answers to your personal medial problems. If you are ill the best course of action is to go and see a qualified medical practitioner (a (MORE)

How do you get a power of attorney?

You can get a power of attorney form online or at your local office supply store. ========== A form DOES NOT give you power of attorney - the form has to filled in by a (MORE)

How do you end power of attorney?

If you have the power of attorney you write to or tell the person who gave it to you that you can no longer act for them. If you gave the power of attorney you write to th (MORE)
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What did captain cook use to measure the water depth?

In Captain Cook's day this was done using a sounding line / lead line; a length of thin rope with a plummet, generally of lead, at its end. Sometimes there was some tallow (MORE)
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Who helps parentless peopel?

It is the job of society (your country's government) to look after orphans or children that are in danger of harm. Governments have may ways in which to meet these responsib (MORE)
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Do veins lead to the body from the heart?

No, all veins lead to the heart from the body (except the hepatic portal vein) It is most arteries that lead to the body from the heart.
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