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In which countries is Esperanto spoken?

Esperanto has been in continuous use since its creation (its was NOT a naturally occuring language but is manufactured), even though it is not recognised as an official lang (MORE)

What are the different uses of jug?

Apart from using it for water storage which is the primary use, you can use it as a flower pot, or you can also keep some decorative pieces in it to make it look attractive. (MORE)

What all things we need to keep in mind before making a kitchen cabinet?

before making it start with a good mind set of what its finally going to used for in the kitchen. This will guide the size and wood types plus finishes required. Then, co (MORE)

What is Technical analysis?

Technical analysis covers mainly four aspect of our trading. 1. Search: Find the right instrument to trade. 2. Plan: Identify entry, profit exit, loss exit and when to a (MORE)

Which is better plastic bags or cloth bags?

Cloth or paper. Plastic bags and packaging are now becoming a serious issue to the environment and its wild-life. Some governments are placing taxation on plastic bags (UK h (MORE)

How do you remove a birds vocal cords?

INSTEAD OF A LARYNX with vocal chords, birds have a syrinx, a distended portion of the trachea. In the wall of the syrinx are two thin, oval membranes that vibrate and prod (MORE)