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How canyons are formed?

Millions of years ago, sand and mud were deposited on the sea floor. When the ocean dried up, the sand and mud were left behind. As streams later flowed over the area, more la (MORE)

Is the Grand Canyon the deepest canyon?

The Cotahuasi Canyon of Peru is the world's deepest canyon The grand canyon is about 1737 meters deep - a little a mile.However the deepest canyon in the world is the Western (MORE)
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What is canyonism?

canyonism is a fake made up religion that came from a childrens book the return of the homework machine where you eat a twinkie every day stand on your head when you pray to N (MORE)
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How do you play with a canyon?

The answer is never. It is not good to play with canyons, because they are dangeorous and it wouldn't be smart. You could get hurt very easily or even die. Now if you let a ba (MORE)

Where does Texas have a canyon?

Consider Palo Duro Canyon near Amarillo, Texas which has a Texas State Park that is well worth visiting. It is ranked as ts the second largest US Canyon. It was first visited (MORE)