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What sins can be forgiven in several ways including the worthy reception of the holy eucharist?

No sins can be forgiven in several ways. The Bible tells us that there is only one way that sins are forgiven and that is on the basis of the death of Jesus Christ as a sacr (MORE)

How can I do election campaigning?

1. Ans:There are many ways through which you can conduct election campaigning. You can make campaign through newspaper, Pamplets, Radio, Social Media etc.., Social Media is u (MORE)

Can I do election campaigning online?

Ans: Yes, you can do election campaigning online. It is most convenient method of campaigning for election. It will save your time and the cost of other forms of campaigning. (MORE)

How can I make election campaigning in social media?

Ans: You can make it by creating your own facebook page, twitter account and youtube account. You have to upload videos frequently in order to get more visitors to your page. (MORE)
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How can I make campaigning for election in facebook?

Ans: It will become very easy to make campaign for election in facebook if you approach an online election management company. There is an best company which is an online ele (MORE)