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What are the facts about Bermuda triangle?

The Bermuda Triangle is a loosely-defined area of the North Atlantic ocean that runs down wards from the British dependency of the island of Bermuda to Puerto Rico, North-We (MORE)
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What bird symbolize sadness?

There are no birds that symbolise sadness, but crows, ravens and vultures are held to be birds of ill-omen and foreboding of misfortune and death.
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How is marketing important to a country?

Marketing is vital to a country's economy- internal marketing helps to bring in financial revenue from one part of the country to another, and international marketing (i.e. im (MORE)
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What type of music does the timpani play?

The timpani is more popularly known as the kettledrum, and is a percussion instrument used to play loud bass notes in orchestral performances. It is also used by experimenta (MORE)
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Are gamma waves radiation?

I think you mean Gamma RAYS- yes, they are most definitely a form of radiation, and potentially a very dangerous one. They are the principle form of radioactive poisoning give (MORE)
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Who is Peter Scaletta?

There are four people of that name on Facebook- one is a student at Loyola University in Chicago who originally comes from Illinois, and another works for Finance and Operatio (MORE)

Why is Brutus against Cicero joining the conspiracy?

Brutus felt that Cicero was afraid that a Roman Civil War might ensue following the assassination of Julius Caesar. Although Brutus acknowledged that Cicero wanted a return (MORE)
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What is the old name of abu dhabi?

It's original name was Milh, which in Arabic means 'salt', possibly referring to the salty water of the Persian Gulf or to the salty marshes that surround the city. It has bee (MORE)
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What if 31 yr old male wants to marry 61 yr old woman?

Fine- there's no law against it if you are both happy and consenting. Age differences between adults have nothing to do with love, and if they are content together, then they (MORE)