Planetary Science

If you were to travel along the 210 longitude line from Antarctica which continent would you reach?

A longitude of 210 degrees means that you are measuring longitude from 0 to 360 degrees, which is fine, but very often people use -180 to +180 degrees, also called 180 degre (MORE)

What is the another name for prime meridian?

Everywhere on Earth has a meridian, which is the line through the point and also through the north and south poles. The prime meridian marks the meridian with zero longitu (MORE)

What are parallel of latitude and meridian of longitude?

Every position on the Earth has a latitude and a longitude measured in degrees. Changing the latitude while keeping the same longitude means you are moving north or south al (MORE)
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How did Copernicus know that the earth orbited around the sun?

He didn't know it, he just brought out a new theory that showed that with the Sun at the centre the planets' paths could be explained more simply. That was in 1543 and Ke (MORE)

Who discovered that the sun in the center of the solar system?

It was an idea first proposed by Copernicus in 1543 who produced a new theory of the planets' paths in the sky. He found that by assuming the Sun was at the centre, the plan (MORE)

Why was the geocentric theory rejected by modern science?

Because it was found to be contradicted by observations when analysed in light of the laws of nature as discovered in the late 1600s. The main point is that the Sun was foun (MORE)
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Why did the Inquisition condemn Galileo for his belief in Copernicus' ideas?

He was found guilty not for his beliefs but because he tried to reinterpret the Bible, which in those days was the crime of heresy. It was his aggressive promotion of an ide (MORE)