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What is Ewings sarcoma?

\nA malignant tumor composed of cells derived from hemopoietic (blood-forming) tissues of the bone marrow; usually occurs in patients under 20.

Do you say a ewe or an ewe?

The name Rachel means ewe and in Hebrew ewe means female sheep Iwas just wondering how you would pronounce ewe. A ewe, pronounced"YOU". Because "ewe" begins with a vowel, it m (MORE)
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What does EW stand for?

EW stands for nothing/ its like a sense of disgust. i say it around bitchesss! c;

What causes ew?

I don't know what this person means so I don't think there is an answer to "What causes ew".

When is a ewe on heat?

Depending on the breed. "Seasonal" breeders will begin to cycle in August to September when the days start to get longer and cooler. "Non-seasonal" breeders can cycle througho (MORE)