Who is Jimmy Roberts?

Jimmy Roberts is a sportscaster for NBC. Roberts previously was asports reporter for ESPN, where he won 11 Sports Emmy Awards.

Who was Robert the Bruce?

Robert the Bruce is the victor of the Battle of Bannockburn in 1314 against King Edward II. He fought Sir Henry de Bohun in single combat before the battle. Now Braveheart is (MORE)

Who was Robert Schuller?

Dr. Robert Schuller is founding pastor of the Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, CA. The church was formerly called Garden Grove Community Church.
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Who is Robert Ford?

The man who shot the outlaw Jessy James as noted in the Elton John song "I Feel Like a Bullet (in the Gun of Robert Ford).

Who was Robert Yates and what did he do?

Robert Lee Yates, Jr. was an ex-military helicopter pilot living in Spokane, WA near the Idaho border. Yates was married and had 4 children, a house and a perfect looking life (MORE)
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Should you write Robert and me or Robert and I?

It depends upon the context. If you want to say that Robert and you did something, you say "Robert and I did something." In such a case, "Robert and I" is the subject of the s (MORE)