Who is Billy Casper?

The most unrecognized golfer of all time. He won 51 PGA tour events and 3 Majors (including 2 U.S. Opens in 59' 66', and the Masters in 70') Not to mention he is one of the gr (MORE)

Who were melchior and casper?

They were two of the legendary Three Kings or Wise Men. actually these men were named Melchior ( usually pronounced Mell-Choir() Gaspard (corrupted to Casper) andthere was one (MORE)
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How old is Casper?

The Rap Singer German rapper Benjamin Griffey aka Casper is 35 years old (bornSeptember 25, 1982). The Friendly Ghost According to the 1995 film Casper he is twelve years o (MORE)
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Where did casper get his name?

Don't know for sure, but am thinking it comes from the Latin root, "caspa" which means "residue". So, the ghost is the residue of a person who has died - the thing left over. (MORE)

Who Plays Casper in Casper?

Casper was originally voiced by Cecil Roy in the original Casper cartoons. In the New Casper Cartoon show he was voiced by Norma MacMillain. Julie McWhirtier was th (MORE)