How many pages is Anne of Green Gables?

Anne of Green Gables has 320 pages. Anne of Avonlea has 448 pages. Anne of the Island has 320 pages. Anne of Windy Poplars has 288 pages. Anne's House of Dreams has 256 pages. (MORE)

What was on pages removed from anne franks diary?

She writes about a lot of inappropriate, "R" rated things, so to speak. She talks about her desires to have sex with Peter, her interest in the female body, how she asked a gi (MORE)

What happens in pages 89-94 of diary of anne frank?

Burglars come for the second time and steal 2 cash boxes containing 40 florins, postal orders, and sadly all the coupons for 150 kilos of sugar. North Amsterdam gets heavily (MORE)

What has the author Jo Ann Curls Page written?

Jo Ann Curls Page has written: 'Extract of the Rejected Applications of the Guion Miller Roll of the Eastern Cherokee, Volume 2' 'Index to the Cherokee freedmen enrollment (MORE)