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What does the sentence 'Your love is like bad medicine' mean?

This is the refrain from the Bon Jovi song Bad Medicine. The rest of the line continues, "But bad medicine is what I need." The singer is saying he knows that his girlfriend (MORE)

How much sperm is required to reach the egg?

It only takes one healthy spermatozoa to fertilize an egg. But to get that one healthy sperm all the way to the waiting ovum, the typical human male releases about a quarter-m (MORE)

Is there a living God?

Opinions from contributors: Yes. There is proof of Him all around us: the air we breathe, the sun that warms us, nature, etc. I would like to think so but there are p (MORE)
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Is it true that sleeping early can prevent pimples?

While getting enough sleep can help reduce some of the stress that leads to an acne breakout, in general this is nothing but a myth. Nothing can prevent acne, if you're pron (MORE)

How do you lose weight fast on pasta?

You don't. Pasta is a concentrated carbohydrate, which is why it's what many performance athletes consume to bulk up (put on weight) before competition. The main problem wit (MORE)