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Are furries demonic?

Not necessarily I'm a furry and I don't worship demons. People in the furry community differ greatly, they can range from perverted freaks to perfectly normal people. I like (MORE)

How do you get lice out of a fursuit?

I would recommend that you buy some sort of lice wash/soap, and then put the body suit in the washing machine. Some people prefer to inside out their suits before washing the (MORE)

How do you file for divorce?

Filing for divorce usually requires the assistance of an attorney or at least a paralegal. Various fees will need to be paid, including that of you representative. The lawye (MORE)

How do you make a good furry?

This really depends on what you mean. Are you referring to fursuits, art, designing a fursona, or just a furry as a person? Fursuit: Making a good fursuit will take a lot of (MORE)
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How do I know if I have Species Dysphoria?

First I would like to properly explain to you what species dysphoria is. To do this we will need to look at the definition of dysphoria. According to Google dysphoria is a no (MORE)

Does Tulsa have a fursuit store?

Most places don't really have fursuit stores. There may be a maker based out of that city but it isn't really a store. Most makers just work out of a separate room of their ho (MORE)
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Are there any websites about tiger therians?

There are many websites dedicated to therians and otherkin. Finding a species specific site is a great challenge however. Many otherkin website will have certain pages or for (MORE)

Is a PayPal the same thing as a debit card?

PayPal is not the same things as having a debit or credit card. In order to have one of the cards you must have a bank account from which the card can pull money. The card ca (MORE)

When you go on eBay and you look at stuff and goes on the side does it mean your buying it?

The side bar on eBay displays items that you have recently viewed. To view the item that you are purchasing go to your shopping cart, located on the top right of the screen. (MORE)