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Describe the polis?

The polis was an independent city-state - it had its own territory, citizens, government, military forces and economy. It was based on a city (usually walled for defence) an (MORE)

How did Pericles influence present day life?

Present day life evolved from many different peoples, cultures and political systems. Pericles' radical democracy where all the citizens ruled directly by voting in fortnigh (MORE)

How did colonization help ease the problems of the dark ages in ancient Greece?

Over-populated city-states shipped off their surplus populations to seize land and form new city-states around the Mediterranean and Black seas. The norm one hectare farm co (MORE)

Describe the government of Athens and the role of solon?

In Solon's time, the government was by the oligarchs (the rich few). Solon's task was to bring reforms to prevent the poorer oppressed majority from revolting, and he remove (MORE)

If Sparta's army became weak what probably staged rebellion?

The serfs of subjected Messenia who worked the land and gave half their produce to Sparta. For that reason, when the Spartan army left on a military expedition, it took seve (MORE)