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Why are listening and speaking inseparable?

Well... they aren't inseparable. There are times when you would only listen and not speak, and there are times, albeit few, where you might speak and not listen... and it wo (MORE)
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What is a puddlefish?

You mean a Paddlefish- it is a long, thin species of fish of the Polyodontid class, and is referred to as evolutionarily 'primitive' because they have undergone few evolutio (MORE)

Am I in love?

This all depends on how and what your feelings are at the precise moment. Sometimes things that people say or do towards you does not necessarily mean that they love you or (MORE)

What does the number 125 mean on a Louisville Slugger?

The "125" refers to the grade of wood used to make the bat. "125" is the highest grade and is reserved for all pro level bats. The "125" bats are also used for the highest qu (MORE)

How do you delete your account on

This is information from the webiste Free Members You can cancel your free membership at any time by removing your registration. To do so, please f (MORE)
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How did religion affect Mayan people?

There are a number of ways in which religion affected the Mayan people. These people used religion a guideline to how to run their lives.
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