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Which US president didn't take his salary?

No President has ever refused his presidential salary. However, both Herbert Hoover and John F. Kennedy both wealthy men, donated their salaries to charity. Hoover was receiv (MORE)

Was Amanda Blake ever married?

Don Whitman (m. 22 August 1954 - 21 August 1956) Jason Seymour Day Jr (m. 15 August 1964 - 28 June 1967) Frank Gilbert (m. 30 June 1967 - 1982) Mark Edward Spaeth (m. (MORE)

Who invented the paperclip?

In 1899, a Norwegian inventor named Johan Vaaler invented a beautiful thing! the Paperclip!! Now, thanks to Johan, the paperclip is a world wide item that comes in different (MORE)

What are scn numbers?

The scn is an ever-increasing number. It can be used to determine the "age" of the database and its component datafiles. The current system SCN can be queried using dbms_ (MORE)

Where is located?

The Global headquarters of, Inc. is located in Beacon Hill, Seattle, Washington, USA. Although their MAIN headquarters are located in Seattle, there are many othe (MORE)