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-1 plus 4x53?

The answer is 211. You are able to get this answer by doing order of operations which has you do the multiplication of 53 x 4. This comes out to be 212. You would then tak (MORE)

What do native American stockades look like?

Not all tribes built palisades or stockades around their villages; these were generally confined to the eastern woodlands where timber was plentiful, but some of the Upper M (MORE)

Is the Lombardi Publishing company a scam?

Two contributors have responded to the question. One is a customer and the other purports to be a representative of Lombardi. These are two opposing views and both must be c (MORE)

How do I get better gas mileage on my 1989 Ford E350 Camper Dually with a 460 motor?

Keep the tires at the pressure recommended by Ford. Remove anything from the camper you do not need which will reduce the weight you are carrying. Drive the speed limit and st (MORE)

How many survivors of the Bataan death march are still living?

as of February 2012 there are 9 still alive.. 5 in Washington state 1 in Utah 1 in Oklahoma 2 in Savannah, Georgia and 1 in Iowa. On August 31, 2012, one of the last survivo (MORE)

Who sells Bill Blass jeans?

Sam's Club is one store that sells Bill Blass jeans. They can also be found on eBay and the Bill Blass store. You can go to Catherines.
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